Struggling to put your ideas onto paper? Have you finished a novel and need help writing a query letter and a synopsis? Whatever you feel you need some help with, I’m here offering to push you past that line.

Being a writer can be hard work. You want to start that novel you have always dreamed of writing, but you can’t put words onto paper. Even if you have managed to write a couple of chapters, you may find yourself suffering from the infamous writer’s block. Sometimes it is good to have someone to juggle your ideas with, and someone to help you get past the anxiety that can arise when you realise the work is not done once you finish your first draft.

Why am I a good coach?

I have been writing fiction since I was a child. I have experienced the ups and downs, the long periods of writer’s block, and the run towards the finish line. I finished my debut novel, I wrote a novella during the popular National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) I researched ways to get out of writer’s block, I read countless of ‘how to’ books, and I finally made it there.

Now, there’s more to it. Once you have managed to write a story, you need to have a platform on the internet. This may include an author page on Facebook and a professional website. Once that has been set up, you need ‘likes’ and visitors. I can help you with this as well. Being a professional web designer, I can make sure your website shines, and your Facebook page does what it is supposed to do.

As part of my course (Professional Writing and Editing), I have done extensive research into the publishing market and can guide you by giving you all the information you need when looking for a publisher. In today’s world, getting your work published isn’t black and white, there are many different ways to do it, and different kinds of publishers to consider.

I offer support and coaching for the following:

  • Plot development
  • Writing exciting characters
  • Writers Block
  • Query and synopsis writing
  • Finding a publisher
  • Establishing an online presence.


What does it cost?

I understand the costs involved in getting your book out there, ready for the public, and I know it can be hard to afford everything it involves, such as cover art, editing, formatting, and your own time spent on all this. The norm for coaching ranges in the $1,000 plus, but since I understand your struggles, my price for coaching are a package payment of

$850 – One month coaching (4 weeks).

Payment plans available.


  • 1 Skype or Zoom call a week to discuss your plan, progress, and other things you want to bring up
  • Practical worksheets, templates, and resources
  • Audio material for you to listen to, take in, and act on
  • Practical exercises provided via email
  • Unlimited support via Facebook messenger

Contact me for coaching enquiries


Try me out for free, which includes a brief questionnaire and a short chat about your work. To book a service, please contact me by emailing – or contact me via my Facebook page here

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I look forward to helping you achieve your dream as a writer.


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