Why I write!

Welcome to my first blog post!

I am planning on having at least one published every week (How exciting!!).

Today, we are talking about writing, and why I write. It is quite a personal post I wish to share with you!

I have always been interested in story-telling, for as long as I can remember. I created terrible stories as a kid, and forced my poor parents to read it and tell me they loved it. From there, my passion for story telling grew when I started reading. I was a subscriber to many books clubs as a teenager and started writing some novels – I never finished these.

My love for writing never stopped, but when I moved to a small town called Gnesta, I got new friends and started living a new life.

I still wanted to write, but my focus shifted to filming and video editing instead. I did this for many years – filmed short stories and music videos, edited in Adobe Premiere, worked for an online e-learning company, editing. I loved this. I truly believed filming and editing was now my long-term goal!

As it turned out, it really wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I was good at it! I loved the process of planning, writing the script, filming, and editing the piece. It just wasn’t my ‘calling’ I guess you could call it if you’d like. I even left my hometown and moved 6 hours away for a dedicated high school focused on film production. I studied there for 3 months before I decided to come back home. I didn’t feel at home there.

Fast forward to end of high school. I decided to move overseas, to study film (I know, again), but the point of the trip wasn’t really to work in the film industry. It was for self-discovery.

I still didn’t pick up writing. But I did change my bachelor from film and TV to Journalism, and I learned a lot from studying creative writing, media law, journalism, and many, many other subjects.

I started writing properly again in 2012. Then my son was born in 2013, and I took another, long break.

To get to the point. It took me many years to realize writing was my true passion. I took a year off work in 2017 to settle down and re-evaluate my life and my goals. I studied professional writing and editing online, and I wrote my first book, The Hope for Dragonhold, King’s Fall book 1.

After that, my writing juices were flowing like magic. I wrote my first novella ‘Trigger Warning’ during NaNoWriMo in November 2017, then I wrote a novelette ‘To Keep a Secret’ in December 2017.

This was my passion, and with it came editing. I realized I loved editing fiction stories. I did some of that for free at first, to gain paying clients, and now this is my second flow of income.

So, why do I write? I write because it makes me feel like me, it makes me happy, it brings joy to my life, and it keeps me going.


Why should you write?

Only do it if it does the above things. Does it make you feel happy to get up in the morning? Does it give you purpose in life?

Writing is a skill, and a skill can always be improved. Freshen up your view on writing by taking classes, studying for a certificate, or by joining writer’s groups online, or in person. This will all help you stay in touch with your goals, your dreams, and your passion.

I would highly recommend Skillshare! I only signed up last night, but have already found heaps of great, short courses on writing and managing/growing your business!


Please enjoy my mood-board for writing and editing below!

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