Trigger Warning – no way out

Teaser extract from Trigger Warning

With the black mask pulled down over her face, Brooke walked with a racing heart through the doors of the gas station. The bright lights inside made her squint as she turned to look at the man behind the counter. His mouth shifted from a smile to a loud gasp as he realised what was happening. Stepping back from the counter, he leant up against the wall filled with cigarette packets and didn’t take his eyes off Brooke.

With heavy steps and a nervous tingle running through her body, she grabbed hold of her revolver, and with shaky hands, pointed it at the man. “Hands in the air,” she said, hoping her voice came out deeper and intimidating.

The man moved his hands up above his head as his breathing intensified.

What’s next, Brooke thought as she approached the counter, quick!

“The money,” she said, feeling her voice shake, “give me the money.”

The man slowly moved up to the till, his dark eyes now focused on the gun. His white nametag fitted on his green, work suit read ‘Santos’.

Brooke glanced around the place, making sure nobody was coming. The nerves began to cease, and she felt more in control. Just get the money and go, she repeated in her head, just get the money and go.

© M. M. Wedin 2017

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