Trigger Warning – desperation

Teaser extract from Trigger Warning

Brooke never knew hunger could be so painful. Driving through the morning mist, she entered the main strip of Whitestead, her stomach screaming for something to eat. Every sign advertising any food displayed a higher price than her meagre five-dollar note. She didn’t even feel like thinking about Lee and the strange encounter she had with him hours earlier; she just needed something to eat.

Feeling nauseous, Brooke picked a fairly wide alley and parked her car. Taking a breath, she studied the huge waste bins lined up against the side of the buildings; the thought hit her to look for something edible. Fucking disgusting idiot, she thought as she rubbed her hands across her face, do not do that.

Smokes and a half litre of water were all she had to try and ease the pain. With the car window rolled down, Brooke chain-smoked as she tried to figure out what to do. She pulled out her old android and scrolled through her contacts. Hovering her finger above the ‘call’ button, under Luca’s name, she swore under her breath. If she called, would he even pick up? Had he changed his number?

She decided to take a chance. She wasn’t safe here, anyway, so what harm could it do? Luca’s plan for her to run away from danger had failed, he needed to know that.

© M. M. Wedin 2017

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