The Animal Shelter

A woman’s heart is full of secrets. Full of scars of the past. Unlike most men, a woman rarely leaves painful memories behind – they are being kept, buried. Friendships and love relations come and go. A woman, after some time, gets used to being left alone. But like any human being, we need to, sometimes, find some comfort.
    I used to go to the local animal shelter – where kind people take care of poor animals that need a new home. I often see another woman there – I believe her name is Erica. She is maybe in her late forties – and she loves to visit the cats at the shelter.
    The third time I went for a visit, I decided to adopt a little puppy. I will never regret that decision – she has become a very important part of my life. She (I call her Melody) is my best friend – she comforts me when I’m sad and plays with me when I’m bored.
    Erica, however, has not adopted an animal – yet. Looking at her – I always get the feeling that she has lost someone, someone close to her. I can see sadness in her eyes. Every now and then she places her necklace in her hands, and hugs it. I can tell she has wonderful memories to hold on to.
    She reaches out to the animals – just like I do. But she always ends up leaving the lovesome creatures that would never leave her, had they once given her their hearts.

© M. M. Wedin 2017


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