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Marketing for the Self-Published Author

I learned the hard way by jumping blindly into the massive sea of self-publishing 2 years ago that marketing of your novel does not only include paying for Facebook ads, google ads, and building a following on social media. Sure, a select few self-published authors may be successful this way – but I leaned that […]

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How to market your novel

Ugh, marketing. I’m with you there, it isn’t my favourite thing to do after I have worked really hard for months or even years writing and publishing a book. Marketing often feels like… that one thing you can’t get around, the demon waiting in the closed, ready to pounce as soon as you press the […]

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Publishing Models

It’s 2017, and the publishing industry has changed. Dramatically so. Being a writer in 2017 is not very different to being a writer in 1990. But, we have a range of different options when it comes to taking that next step and publish our precious books. I am going to list the different options, and […]

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