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Healthy Writing Habits For Every Serious Author

Whether you’re an aspiring author who still considers writing a hobby you indulge in during spare time, or a seasoned writer who does it for a living—it’s super important to maintain healthy writing habits. The earlier you can start practising them, the better!

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Let’s Talk About Routines!

Hello lovelies! So, today I’m going to talk about routines. I have been preaching setting up a routine for yourself in order to schedule time for writing, or to get up earlier in the mornings. The thing is, I’m a Gemini, and I have struggled a lot with keeping to a routine. In short, take […]

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How to become a morning person!

How to wake up early! I have done this for long enough now to feel confident that I have uncovered some great tips and tricks when it comes to waking up early! Firstly, why do you want to wake up early? Figure out what your motivation is. Mine was to feel more energized, to have […]

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