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Self-publishing on Amazon or Smashwords is such a convenience for writers – but with it comes some potential problems. Not only will there be books out there which are written quite poorly (that’s a given), but there are also a lot of books out which have missed out on professional editing.

What does this mean for self-publishing? First of all, we need to understand why editing is so important. When you read a book, you’d expect it to be written with no spelling or grammar mistakes, right? But with self-published books, this is often lacking. This may turn readers off, and they’ll start actively looking for books published by the big guys.

But I know how to spell, and I know grammar, one might say. Yes, but editing means so much more! An editor will look at your manuscript and find ways of making it better, less repetitive, and more engaging. Line edits, as well as content editing, is invaluable.

But I can’t afford an editor. There are hundreds of ways of finding a good editor, even on a budget. Look at it as an investment – it’s your book, your work, don’t let yourself down. Be proud, make it shine. It’s you on those pages!

Why do I think this is a problem with self-published books? Because I have seen it, and not only read it, but I see it in reviews. You can have an excellent story on your hands, but someone might give you a 2 star review, just because the manuscript wasn’t polished.

What can be done about this?
Well, not much, unfortunately. We need to somehow reach out to all writers out there – especially the ones who plan to self-publish, and explain these things, before they sit there and try to understand why they got a 2 star review.

How? I don’t know. Share your knowledge, reach out, be honest. Word of mouth is the best strategy for rules like these. Inform others, and learn by doing.

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