Motivation vs Inspiration

What does inspiration mean to you? Do you understand the difference between motivation, and inspiration? It may seem like a silly question, but a lot of writers get these mixed up in a way that hinders them from writing efficiently.

Motivation means having the drive to simply set some time aside to write. It involves maybe creating a writing routine and sticking to it, but then failing at getting anything of substance down on paper (or on the screen).

The problem here is that motivation-based writers may get a lot of ‘writing time’ down, but struggle instead with sticking to one idea, one book, or one short story. They simply sit down and write whatever comes to mind, and then feel like nothing has really been achieved.

Motivation must go hand-in-hand with inspiration. It’s as simple as that. If you already have your motivation and routine down, that’s great, now you need to figure out what inspires you to write on your main idea.

We find inspiration in the strangest of places. Some like to have the room completely quiet while writing, while others may prefer some inspirational music playing in the background. Or maybe you are a little weird like me and like to have a game or a TV show playing. (If you follow my page, I assume you are aware I love having ‘Game of Thrones’ on while writing on King’s Fall, it puts me right in the mood for what I am writing – medieval high fantasy.)

Whatever it is that inspires you to write, you need to write it down and remember it when you sit yourself down to write. Take a moment to think, and feel the inspiration increase as you place your fingers on the keyboard.

If you are yet to find anything that truly inspires you, try out different things and see how you feel. Try music, TV, movies, games, books, anything that may trigger this for you.

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