Marketing for the Self-Published Author

I learned the hard way by jumping blindly into the massive sea of self-publishing 2 years ago that marketing of your novel does not only include paying for Facebook ads, google ads, and building a following on social media.

Sure, a select few self-published authors may be successful this way – but I leaned that the big sea was in fact MUCH bigger than I first thought.

A bit like ‘the top of the iceberg’

So, what is beneath the water surface? A lot of memberships, building newsletters (yes, apparently this still works in 2019), newsletter swaps, giveaways, and book promotions.

It can seem overwhelming, but if you are not already 100% invested in these things, at least give yourself a pat on the back for reading this now and learning how to do it the ‘Self-Publisher’ way.

I’m still fairly new at all this, but I am going to provide you with a good starting list of places you should sign up for to increase your marketing efforts.

  1. Story Origin – this is a new platform still, but it has some great perks, group promotions, and integrations with your newsletter
  2. Book Cave – great site for free promotions! I managed to get the most subscribers through this site, as it also integrates with your email list
  3. Booksprout – only great for your ARCs. Submit your ARC, and watch the readers drop in 😊
  4. Bookbub – Easy to sign up, you can choose to create an ad if you wish, and submit your book for a Bookbub deal (hard to get approved, you need to keep submitting)

Have a look below at Book Cave and Story Origin, and of course, support me if you are feeling generous 😊 (Pssst! You get a FREE copy of ‘The Hope for Dragonhold’)

Book Cave:

Story Origin:

I will be running a few newsletters promoting books in the Fantasy and Science Fiction genre in the next couple of months. If you want to be a part of it, you can submit your book here.

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