Law of Attraction by Sarah Sienkiewicz

People say law of attraction isn’t about sitting around wishing for cheques to come in the post, a reference to the book ‘The Secret’ where that’s one of the examples they give. They say it takes hard work and effort to make money and create success. And while I agree to a certain extent, I do think it’s rather fun to prove them wrong and attract random cheques every now and again! It works every time!!

You may have heard of law of attraction by different names: cosmic ordering, manifesting, goal setting. The science behind it comes from quantum physics where we can shape the behaviour of atoms based on our thoughts about them.

In the real world things are made to take a bit longer to manifest because there are more atoms to move. Some people believe it’s more spiritual in nature like a prayer answered or a wish fulfilled. Some people do it naturally, some people try really hard. For some people it’s important to uncover how it really works. While others just go with it and enjoy the rewards!

So whether this is your first encounter with law of attraction, or you’re an expert, there are really four simple things you need to know.


  1. Be clear about what you’re asking for.
  2. Ask nicely and with authority. (Let there be light!)
  3. Be open to receiving, and believe it will happen.
  4. Be grateful when you receive.


How is law of attraction different to goal setting?

Well, there are similarities for sure. Know what you want, create a plan of action, and implement that plan- certainly helps when manifesting your heart’s desire. But the difference with the law of attraction is that it moves from a simple, logical, conscious, goal setting process to activating your reticular activating system (or RAS).

Your RAS is the part of the brain that acts like a radar. You will know about this if you’ve ever bought a car and then you’ll suddenly find that you see that similar make and model EVERYWHERE!! Because now it is part of your awareness. Or if you’re in a loud place, like an airport, and you’re able to hear your name really clearly above everything else.

If you like looking out for angel feathers you will see them more often. I’m selling my house at the moment and I see ‘for sale’ signs everywhere, whereas before I hardly noticed them.

You might like to test this theory out by thinking of a something now and noticing over the next few days how that shows up. Ask for a sign! Your brain is filtering millions of pieces of information, and we can actively be selective as to what it tunes out and what it tunes into.


So how does that help you manifest what you want?


When we have a particular goal or wish, you can use your RAS to turn your brain into a beacon and lock onto any information and opportunities that will bring you closer to your goal.

Added to that, when we can physically step into the feeling of how it will feel for our goal to be realised and really embody it, we become like an energetic magnet to that thing. We attract that vibration into our reality. This process begins in our imagination and then in our bodies. We can use this knowledge to bring even more power to a goal setting.

For example, when you imagine and visually see in your mind’s eye cheques coming to through the doors, in through the windows, and physically feel how excited and happy you are to receive that money, imagine yourself putting the cheque in the bank having manifested the miracle. When you can feel those emotions as you visualise, this adds lots of magnetising power to your manifesting. Then, simply let it go, trust and patient expect it to arrive.

When I was 24 I designed my life in my journal using the law of attraction– I requested a house, a husband, two children, and to be a life coach when they went to school- all by the time I was 30 years old. And it happened. People thought I was crazy because I was single at the time! They thought I was a deluded dreamer. You can read this story of how I created my vision into reality in ‘Mumpreneur on Fire 3’.

More recently I have manifested cheques, free clothes, a caravan, a paddling pool! I don’t try very hard, that’s part of the magic- to be as unattached to the outcome as possible. And it’s also important to only manifest for your highest good and for the highest good of those around you. So if you are wishing or praying on behalf of someone else (or to attract a lover), ensure it is in accordance with their free will, so that you can be completely ethical and not interfere with what is best for their higher purpose.

I am also very generous, give freely wherever I can and live a life of service. I strive to have my giving and receiving in harmony so that I am keeping the flow going!


My final tip is handle this lightly, to not have any attachment to the outcome because any vibration of desperation or tension has the opposite effect and will often repel that which you wish to manifest. Be always in a spirit of trusting that the universe knows what’s best for you and if your wish isn’t fulfilled, trust that there is a really good reason for it. Maybe it was to avoid something unpleasant or because there is something even better for you, that you can’t yet know from your earthly perspective.

If you are new to manifesting I suggest reading Manifesto by the Barefoot Doctor, or tuning into the wisdom of Abraham -Hicks. You can also read or watch The Secret.


Next steps. I love the exercise the wheel of life it gives you a really good overview of your life today and can help you with creating your ideal lifestyle including goal setting and action planning etc. If you start with this exercise you can use some of the areas that you wish to develop as the starting point for activating the law of attraction and making it work for you, using the tips in this blog.

Download it here.

Wishing you every blessing as you create a life you LOVE living by design.

Connect with Sarah here.


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