How to become a morning person!

How to wake up early!

I have done this for long enough now to feel confident that I have uncovered some great tips and tricks when it comes to waking up early!

Firstly, why do you want to wake up early? Figure out what your motivation is. Mine was to feel more energized, to have time to meditate before work and to get some work done before the rest of the world wakes. Once you have found your motivation, you are already one step ahead!

Tip number 1: Go to bed early. Seems like a no-brainer, right? But a lot of people seem to think they can keep their late-late Netflix binges and still be able to get up at 5am. No. Just no. It won’t work. Even if it does work, it isn’t healthy. You need your sleep.

Tip number 2: How to go to sleep early? What has worked for me is to listen to sleep meditation as you drift off. I always listen to guided sleep meditation, but you can choose to listen to any kind of instrumental music you want!

Tip number 3: No snoozing! Don’t use the snooze button on your alarm. I have come to a point now where I CAN do a little snooze and still get up, but in the beginning – just don’t do it. It will be so much harder for you to jump out of bed if you snooze.

Tip number 4: Put on a podcast, audio book, or a youtube video as soon as you wake up. This might seem a little strange, but for me, it works like magic! My alarm goes off, and I reach for my phone and put on an inspirational podcast. I listen to it while I rise from bed and stretch, then I take my phone with me and continue to listen while I make my morning coffee. This helps me to not even think about going back to sleep. It turns off your own thoughts for a while.

Tip number 5: Don’t beat yourself up when you don’t manage to wake up. I had days where I just wanted to cry as the alarm went off at 5am. Usually, those were the mornings where I had issues falling asleep the night before. I simply turned off the alarm and set it for 6am instead. It doesn’t matter, you can do it again the next morning.

Tip number 6: Set up a morning routine. What do you want to do in the morning? Meditate? Write? Work? Just enjoy some alone time before the kids get up? Whatever it is, write yourself a morning routine and try to stick to it. You are waking up early for a reason, so make sure you make the most out of your time.

That’s it for now. I must admit, I haven’t gotten my morning routine down path just yet. I’m still trying to eat breakfast and drink water when I wake up. It will happen eventually. Remember, it takes time to start a new habit.

Good luck!

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