Healthy Writing Habits For Every Serious Author

Whether you’re an aspiring author who still considers writing a hobby you indulge in during spare time, or a seasoned writer who does it for a living—it’s super important to maintain healthy writing habits. The earlier you can start practising them, the better!

Healthy writing habits? What does that even mean?

Good question, my creative friend.

Writing can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a mentally demanding and challenging job sometimes—and this can lead to burnout, writer’s block, and sometimes even lack of self-confidence.

Not something you want to experience under the pressure of a contracted deadline.

So, here are some healthy writing habits to work into your weekly routine that will help you avoid negative outcomes!

1) Have A Writing Routine

Writing routines don’t work for every writer, but even just a rough schedule of some kind or set writing day is highly recommended.

A writing routine will not only keep you accountable and sane, but it does a couple of other things too:

  • Helps keep you creative and in flow
  • Helps to keep you on track with any contracted deadlines.
  • Helps your body adapt to a writing time and get ‘writing’ faster when you begin each session.

Professional writer’s notoriously have a routine, and they certainly aren’t doing it for kicks. If you don’t have a writing routine already, it might be time to start putting one in place.

2) Seek Inspiration Regularly

We know we have to make time to write, but how often do we make time to recharge our creativity?

It’s very important to ensure we seek inspiration regularly and have go-to sources for this—music, video games, and real-life places and people are just some examples of things that can inspire writers.

Without ensuring that we’re recharging our creativity, we will eventually burn out, run out of ideas, and land ourselves in writer’s block, which is never fun.

In a way, having to recharge our creative muse is a good excuse to create a work life balance! Go out and have fun with friends, catch up on your favourite show—just make sure to do it in moderation.

3) Eat Healthy!

Eating healthy is something I admittedly never took seriously as a writer (or just in general, really)—until I started developing some serious health issues.

I found myself feeling drained, unmotivated, and lacking in energy almost every day, and that’s when I made a conscious shift in my diet to include more greens and grains.

If you are constantly feeling too tired to work on your novel, it could be that 9 – 5 day job you’re juggling… or, it might be your diet. Either way, it’s not a bad idea to start eat healthier if you’re not already.

4) Network With Other Writers

I can see many of you turning your noses up with disgust at this very proposition and retreating to your writing caves. I get it—some of us writers are quite introverted and networking really isn’t our thing.

But here’s the deal—when you fall into those writing slumps, or you really need some feedback before you can progress and there’s only one kind of person who will understand… having a network of writers comes in very handy.

Think of it as less of a business tactic and more of a community (which is what you want it to feel like anyway). A good community of writers will support you, offer help, and cheer you on every step of the way. There are some fantastic communities spread out over social media, but there are two particular Facebook Groups for writers that I can recommend:

  • Creative Fiction Writing—I have found this community to be very engaging, warm and supportive compared to other groups. There’s a lot of people in here to meet, too!
  • Happily Ever Author—this is my own group, but I’m very strict on keeping things positive and safe in here for new writers to develop their confidence and the courage to share their work. We also have a lot of fun, weekly threads, and the group is much smaller and as a result, close knit. 

5) Practice Positive Thinking

It can be easy to feel down on yourself when you’ve gotten yet another rejection letter, or you’re just not happy with how your writing is turning out on the page. But positive thinking is such an important skill to have.

Oftentimes, the writing industry is going to be tough, and while there are a lot of supportive writers in the wild, there are also a lot of grumpy, judgemental ones who will have no problem belittling you.

Having a thick skin is key to navigating this world—think of it as a long, hard expedition with rewards akin to diamonds and gold waiting for you if you persevere. And remember that there are a lot of good people who do want to see you succeed—it’s just a matter of not giving up. You can’t be in the right place at the right time if you stop trying.

About the author

P. S. Malcolm (Pagan) is the bestselling author LANTERNS IN THE SKY (The Starlight Chronicles Series) and STUCK ON VACATION WITH RYAN RUPERT (The Ryan Rupert Series). She is also a professional copywriting and coach helping fiction authors tell and sell their stories.

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  1. Pulling out of a grief-induced slump, trying to get healthy again–and this time I’m working on mind as well as body. I needed to hear this, and I can attest from before the slump that thus advice WORKS. Thanks!

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