King’s Fall; The hope for Dragonhold

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After twenty summers of peace in the small land of Ordea, a land divided by mages in the south, and warriors in the north, the silence is broken. The King of the south finally plans to bring the north under his rule.

With invasion from the south imminent, the King of Dragonhold sends a highly trusted commander to forge an alliance with the elves in Myalis. Uncertainty and terror fill the residents of the north. Royals, hunters, watchers, and soldiers brace themselves for the end of one of the two Kingdoms.

A young princess faces an impossible decision, an enchanter is forced to act against his own beliefs, and a hunter is thrown into a precarious journey through the now war filled landscape.

One king will fall, and one will take the throne. The future of the land will be decided by a battle between a staff and a sword.

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Trigger Warning

He told her to leave and never look back. That’s exactly what Brooke Clarke did. Her only possessions being the clothes on her back and an old Ford, she arrives in the city of Whitestead.

Hoping she can slowly build a new life for herself, she soon realises she’s not out of danger. Without knowing what is really happening, and who is after her, Brooke gets pulled into an underground world of money, guns, drugs and murder.

Desperate to reunite with the man who sent her away, her best friend and partner, Brooke finds herself sinking deeper and deeper into a life where you always have to watch your back, and never trust anyone.

Once you’re in, there’s no way out.

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To Keep a Secret

A well needed week away from the mainland sounded like a great idea. But this innocent trip to a private island won’t end as well as it began. Tracy finds herself in a situation she could never have imagined as she gets to know the secrets of her love – Ryan Bailey.

The question is: when love turns to fear, how will you survive?

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