I offer proofreading and editing services for both novels and short stories. Even the most seasoned writer needs that essential objective ‘eye’. The formatting is also checked for consistency. Sometimes proofreading involves minor editing such as suggestions for improvement of sentence and paragraph construction.

My resources include The Editor’s Companion (2nd Edition) by Janet Mackenzie and Style Manual for Authors, Editors and Printers (6th Edition) by the Commonwealth Government Printing Office.

I charge a set fee based on the length, and the time I will need to spend on it, for novels and a set fee per every 1,000 words for short stories- no hidden costs. I tailor each story to your needs, and I strongly believe in trust and good communication between me as a proofreader/editor, and you as a writer.

I also offer bundle packages for writers who wish to establish an author platform and assistance with plot and character development. Click here for for information.


(From USD $499)


3 Week Completion

Beta Reading


Basic Feedback


(From USD $699)


5 Week Completion

Line Editing

Content Editing



(USD $399)


1 Week Completion

Line Editing

Content Editing


Novellas  (series package)

(USD $299/novella*)


1 Week Completion

Line Editing

Content Editing


*First novella at full price of $399

NOVELLAS are books with a word-count under 40k words.

If you are looking for someone to help you finalize your novel, please contact me through my page for pricing and more information, I am happy to tailor costs based on your personal situation.

From $499

In this package you will receive your manuscript back with spelling and grammar checks and changes. I also look at wording, consistencies, and give feedback on overuse of italic, bold, capitals, exclamation marks and the passive voice.

$499 (Under 80k words)
$599 (Over 80k words – under 120k words)
$699 (Over 120k words – under 150k words)

This package has a short turnaround of only 3 weeks.

From $699

In this package you will receive intensive line editing, making sure your sentences are as great as they can be. I’ll do all the basics, such as spelling and grammar, but also look at your manuscript in more detail. I’ll address things such as showing vs telling, character speech, character voice, and give examples of how to better them in the best way.

This package also includes feedback regarding your world, your story, its arc, and the sales potential of your novel by looking at pacing, plot, characterisation, and setting. If you want to cut down on the overall word count, I will provide you with insights on where and how you could do so.

$699 (Under 80k words)
$799 (Over 80k words – under 120k words)
$899 (Over 120k words – under 150k words)
$999 (Over 150k words – under 200k words)

This package will give you every tool you need to get your manuscript in top form, it also has a short turnaround of only 5 weeks.

* the turnaround is only for the editing portion of the work. Paragraph changes, adjustments, and basic formatting may extend the time, depending on the quality of the original manuscript


“Melina reviewed my short story in record time, pointing out my mistakes and giving me incredible feedback. I really recommend her services!” -Lucas

“Melina is a WONDERFUL editor. She is not only thorough, but she also edited my book extremely fast! She also gave me some great feedback and was very affordable! I would definitely work with her again and would recommend her to anyone!!” – Brittany

“I’d been looking for an affordable editor for quite some time, and am so glad I stumbled across Melina! She’s not only affordable, but very much on time with the edits and gives such good feedback. She made my manuscript for Fearless sound so much better and I’m excited to get it sent out to the world a much better version. I’ve already booked my other manuscript with Melina and plan to use her for all my works. Thank you so much!” – Nicole

“Fantastic! Helped me see where I needed more details in my story and specifically what was needed to help paint a picture and some tools to help with grammar and punctuation!'” -Russell

“Melina is a consummate professional. On time. On point. On budget. So incredibly good, I have already booked her again for my second MS. Do yourself a favor and have her make all your hard work ready for submissions. A huge plus, being able to say your MS is PROFESSIONALLY EDITED–publishers and agents appreciate that. Hire Melina.” – Bryan

Please Note:
The client entering into a contract for the service will retain the sole copyright, ownership and control over all materials submitted. It is the client’s responsibility to keep a copy of the work sent for editing or proofreading. In the case of Melina being unable to complete the project, all advance fees that have been paid by the client up until the point of termination will be refunded.

Melina treats all personal information with no less protection than that provided for by the National Privacy Principles and the privacy laws that are in force in Australia.

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