Creature creation

One of the most exciting parts of writing fantasy is the creatures! Of course, you can write fantasy without them, but this post is dedicated to all creature lovers out there.


Some great inspiration can be found in video games like Warhammer, Dragon Age and Divinity Original sin (to name a few). But I say INSPIRATION for a reason, you do not want to find yourself copying the creature looks and abilities straight out of other stories, at least not if you want to publish your story. If you only write for yourself, and/or friends and family, then by all means, go ahead!


When it comes to naming your creature, some names are available for use, such as Elves, Orcs, Mermaids, Demons, Angels, Phoenixes, Tree creatures, and so on. But what you might want to do is rename them, using your own imagination. By all means, do so, but something that’s important to remember is: if your creature looks similar to a human but is a little shorter (or taller), skinnier, have better looks and long, pointy ears – for god’s sake, call them Elves, nothing else. There’s a fine line between creating your own creature and naming it and using an already established creature and re-naming it. It would frustrate the reader. To create your own name, you can use generators such as a great one found on

Fitting them into your world

Now we are back to the subject in my previous post about world building. You need to make your creatures realistic by placing them in realistic spots on your world map. Ask yourself: What is their hierarchy? Do they fight with other species? Do they do trades, if so, with who? Are they evil, if so, why are they evil? Do they like or hate humans, if so, why? And lastly, what’s the history behind these creatures? Who were there first, who came next, and what happened when they did?

Lastly, go wild with your imagination!

Create interesting looks, work out how they mate, what they eat, and how they live. This is all yours, let your imagination flow and have fun with it!

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2 thoughts on “Creature creation

  1. Enjoyed reading through this, very good stuff, thankyou .

  2. Ive only just started writing fiction and is I love to read fantasy that’s the style I write in too. I’m writing a series of short stories for my first book at the moment one of which is about a mystic fox but living in a world I created. I had my reservations about it being a fox at first but everything seems to be flowing so I’m going stick with it.

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