The hope for Dragonhold – the Dragonhold castle

Teaser extract from The hope for Dragonhold

Sarra began running to the castle as she knew the watcher would go there to speak with her father. Although the town was big enough to provide shelter and everyday life for its five thousand residents, it didn’t take long to run from one end to the other. She ran through the town and past the market, the castle was situated at the farthest point from the main gate. It was older than any bone left in the soil around it. The once smooth stone on the outside was now pitted and mossy.
She entered the castle through the postern in the vegetable garden. She closed the door quietly behind her and walked towards the kitchen – where the workers were preparing herbs and vegetables. She managed to sneak past them by hiding behind the grand cooking stations. Stacks of carrots, potatoes, fish and herbs all placed on the many preparing tables, she could smell cooked beef and deer stew, the smell made her incredibly hungry.
Past the kitchen was another door leading to the grand dining hall, she grabbed the handle and slowly opened it. Nobody could be seen in there; they hadn’t started preparing for evening supper yet. She walked through the dining hall and past the long tables with big lit candles placed on top, the tables were suited to fit hundreds. It was the biggest space in the castle, and if she were to let out a scream in there, the whole castle would hear it due to the lack of other furnishings. Sarra hated to dine in there; it felt sterile, cold and uninviting.

© M. M. Wedin 2017

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